CellRx has excellent technical expertise in the area of bioprocessing and can offer a range of services to the bioprocessing industry.

Contract Manufacturing


CellRx offers large-scale (200L-1000L) microbial (including GMO’s) manufacturing services according to GMP guidelines. We provide contract manufacturing services for the production of microbial biomass, enzymes, metabolites and recombinant proteins.

The laboratories, pilot plant and production facilities are designed to work with microorganisms and GMO’s up to Bio-Safety Level 2.


Bioprocess Development and Optimization

Based on the customer’s needs CellRx can provide process development expertise and services for microbial and yeast fermentation at 2L, 10L and 50L volumes. Our bioprocess platforms and know-how enables cost effective Upstream (USP) and Downstream (DSP) processes to be developed, optimised and scaled-up.

Our key offerings include:
  • Microbial fermentation (including GMO’s)
  • Master and working cell bank establishment, maintenance and validation
  • Process flow, unit operation selection and optimisation
  • Process scale up and process optimisation (USP and DSP)
  • Process validation services during technology transfers
  • Early stage process and technology demonstrations
  • Process techno-economics

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